Happy Father’s Day!


This photo represents the practical portion my final exam in a two-part course in Adobe Photoshop Elements (PE). It was taught by two quilters, Deb Cashatt and Kris Sazaki through their interactive online courses. You can read about all they offer at Pixeladies.

I found the courses very interesting and fun, although challenging in that PE is so incredibly complex. It takes a tremendous amount of practice to become proficient at something that has such vast capabilities.

I did gain a good foundation in the most important and useful things for photo editing and I may take other Photoshop courses later on. One great thing about Pixeladies courses is the homework requirements and the fact that Deb and Kris check the student’s work, answer questions and make a lot of helpful suggestions.

Each week we were provided chapter pages of instruction to print out, a very interesting and informative video with Deb teaching that week’s topic and a homework assignment to put the instruction into practice. We were able to interact with all the other students and view their work as well.

Most of the other students were quilters around my age, many having similar interests so it was a group I felt very comfortable in and was inspired by much of their work. I recommend their courses, especially for quilters, as a significant part of some lessons’ content is quilt photo editing related.

You get the best price on PE if you sign up for I and II at the same time. Doing only the first course wouldn’t gain you many skills or tools. If you want to learn photo editing with PE, you really need both courses.


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