Gigi’s Treasure Bag


A facebook group I am in, decided to do the Summit Pack by Cloudsplitter Bags as a sew-along. I choose to use my upholstery crushed velvet, as well as some beautiful embroidered drapery material.

My daughter Gigi was immediately excited about the bag in crimson velvet, so I decided to give it to her when it was made. Once she knew it would be hers, Gigi wanted it to be spectacular.

Sophie supervised my sewing.


Sometimes it got too close for comfort.


Gigi was inspired by a few bags she had seen online and her creative adaptations of Summit reflect the influence of the Burberry Monogram Backpack in the chain attachment for the strap, the appliques of the Chanel Applique Boy Bag, and a gem encrusted velvet Dolce & Gabbana bag.

For maximum bling and superior functionality, we used Riri symmetrical zippers for the two front zipper openings. We used Riri Anello Zipper Pulls because we wanted to attach handstitched leather petals instead of the regular metal pull.


Gigi made a pile on her bed of everything she could find that she was inspired by. Her first idea was for the bag to just have patches of things on it but she quickly realized it would be covered.

She cut out the three exterior pieces and marked 3/4 inch with chalk all around each piece. Once the bits ‘n bobs for each panel were all placed down nicely, she put each panel’s items in their own container. It took three days for the stitching to be complete. Everything she choose has a special meaning.


Gigi made sure to include a purse-protective whistle, which she attached to a repurposed necklace, because who wouldn’t want to steal this rockin’ queen of a bag?


Her Summit reminds me of Where’s Waldo because you can study it for a long time and still find new things.




Gigi’s older sister, Charity, lived on our couch for a year to save money for school and moved out in 2016. When she came over a few weeks ago and saw the bag she was amazed and upon closer inspection, exclaimed, “There’s one of my earrings… there’s another .. and that was a pin I lost!” She wants us to make her one now. 🙂


Here are the inside pockets and a close up of the leather bow pin we made.


Wonder what we’ll do next? 🙂



3 thoughts on “Gigi’s Treasure Bag

    1. Thanks, Rochelle 🙂 Gigi spent a day planning how she wanted to do all the panels and the strap. Then she spent 3 entire days doing all the work by hand, learning and changing things as she worked.
      It took me a few hours for each of 3 days to do the sewing. The photo shoot, editing and blogging took an entire afternoon and evening.
      We got the exterior and interior fabrics from an interior decorator shop that gives me lots of leftovers. Gigi and her dad stopped by there this afternoon and showed them what we made of their scraps and they really liked it.


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