An Outfit for Elijah


My 26 year old daughter, Charity, is expecting our first grandbaby, due on July 11. I made a romper from an old Butterick pattern 5470 and am very happy with how it turned out.

This was my first experience using KamSnaps and they were a cinch. I bought this set from Amazon upon recommendation of Rachel from StitchedInColor who wrote about her experience making a romper for her baby girl.

I added some interfacing to the edges to make them nice and sturdy. However, one end was a little too thick for the length of the snap prong. To fix that, I carefully removed a little circle of a couple thicknesses of fabric right around the prong. Then when the opposing socket was attached, it fit and completely covered the area where fabric had been cut away.


I also found a pattern at NewConceptions for some very cute booties. I frequently salvage useful fabric from clothing we no longer want. At one time we had a bunch of sweatshirts to get rid of and I cut them up for later use. I saved the wrist bands too and recently found those work really well to keep leather and vinyl nicely rolled up on long tubes I get from upholsterers.


Since we live in Gainesville, home to University of Florida gators, I chose orange and blue, UF colors. The sweatshirt fabric is so thick and soft, perfect for booties. The free pattern is quick and easy to make.

Our entire family is excited about the new baby. One daughter drove down from Jacksonville for the shower on June 3. Our son and daughter who live out of state are both planning to visit in July after Elijah makes his appearance. It’ll be interesting to see how our family dynamics change with the coming of grandchildren… new joys, new challenges and lots of love.


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