Our grandson, Elijah, is not sure about these huge fruits – a little scary for him!


I went to Lowes to purchase a grapefruit tree some years back, but all they had in small, 2-gallon pots were pomelos. The tag said it was like a grapefruit so I decided to give it a try. Turned out to be an extremely vigorous tree, producing huge fruits that were way too heavy for the small tree in the very first year!


The pomelo is a very ancient citrus from which grapefruit has come. It has a milder, less acid flavor that we love. We found that by removing the top press-handle from our Krups juicer it can easily be used for any size citrus. We freeze the juice in pint containers for year round enjoyment.


Sophie likes to climb up into the tree sometimes. That soft grass is winter rye which I sow every fall when it starts getting cool, usually in late November.


Elijah is still a little uncertain about these big balls, even though his mother, Charity, is telling him it’s okay. ūüôā


Our tree is about 7 years from planting now and is producing more fruit every year. Pomelo leaves are much larger than those on a grapefruit tree. It’s attractive and eye-catching with its shiny green leaves and gargantuan fruits. I highly recommend a pomelo tree for both beauty and sweetness!




Two in One Pouch


I made the Two in One pouch by Sotak Handmade for my oldest daughter’s birthday. ¬†It was my first real success in making a nifty bag. I added the brass birds charm because my daughter’s name is Phoebe and I used to call her Phee-bird when she was a baby.


I used several pieces of Alexander Henry fabric from his Indochine Garden and Hosomichi Kanji collections. My daughter, Phoebe, is a big fan of Japanese animated movies, so I added some anime geisha fabric in the center.


I used a narrow strip of Kanji in black for the bottom edge –


and used Kanji in cream for the pocket interiors.


Phoebe really likes it and finds it much better for storing her jewelry when traveling than plastic sandwich bags. A velcro tab holds the two zip pouches together at the top.

The pattern is¬†easy and fun, even for a beginner.¬†I was a little anxious doing it as I couldn’t understand how the instructions were going to turn out with something that worked, but I decided to just trust what was written and it came together perfectly. ūüôā

Zippy pouches and handbags¬†pose¬†very different challenges in construction than any of¬†the clothing I’ve sewn over the years. I love that you can make very personalized gifts with bags and accessories.